The Old North End

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Early Settlement

The Old North End's story begins in the late 19th century when Colorado Springs was a bustling Victorian-era resort town. The neighborhood was originally settled by prominent citizens seeking to escape the city's growing congestion.

Victorian Architecture

One of the defining features of the Old North End is its stunning Victorian architecture. The area boasts a remarkable collection of well-preserved Victorian-era homes, from elegant Queen Annes to stately Tudors, each with its own unique character.

Community Spirit

The neighborhood has a strong sense of community. Residents often come together for block parties, garden tours, and other events that foster a close-knit atmosphere. The neighborhood is known for its cultural contributions, with many residents engaged in the arts and a vibrant arts scene. You'll find galleries, studios, and performances that reflect the creative spirit of the area.

Tree City USA

Lush, tree-lined streets have long been a hallmark of the Old North End. The neighborhood's commitment to preserving its greenery has earned it recognition as a Tree City USA, adding to its charm and appeal.

Historic Preservation

The Old North End takes pride in its dedication to preserving its historic heritage. The community actively participates in historic preservation efforts, ensuring that the area's architectural treasures continue to shine.

Educational Institutions

The Old North End is home to Colorado College, a prestigious liberal arts college founded in 1874. The college's presence has had a significant impact on the neighborhood's culture and intellectual life.

Historic Districts

Portions of the Old North End have earned designation as historic districts, further preserving the area's architectural and cultural heritage.Today, the Old North End seamlessly blends its historical roots with modern living. Its proximity to downtown Colorado Springs and its unique character make it a highly sought-after place to live.

A Map of the Old North End
The Old North End Neighborhood Committee,